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Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing

Below are questions often asked about our services and what we do here.

If you have more questions, we’d love to set up a call with you. Call us at (203) 948-6475.

About JRS Construction & Roofing

Yes! We are fully licensed to perform construction services in the Brookefield, CT area. We are dedicated to providing top-rated construction services to all of our customers. When you hire JRS Construction and Roofing as your general contractor, you will work with the best professional team in the greater Brookfield, CT area.

Yes! Our services go beyond the Brookefield, CT area. We also offer our construction and roofing services to customers in New York. Take a look at some of the many cities in New York that we service! If you don’t see your city in this list, contact us, and we will let you know if we service your area!

Contact us and let us know where you’re located, and we will see if we can get a crew out to your location to do the job you need! We may be able to service your area if it is in the greater Brookfield, CT region. 

We have all of our recent projects and their locations on our website! Here, you can take a look at some of the recent work we have done. Some of our work in our gallery includes new roof replacement, flooring installation, chimney rebuilding, and siding repair. You can also read real customer testimonials below the recent projects!

Yes! You can follow JRS Construction and Roofing on social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram. This is where we showcase many of our latest projects we have completed. We also advertise specials and include client testimonials on our social media sites. Take a look at some of the construction projects we have completed on Facebook and Instagram, and feel free to message us if you have any questions!

Yes! You can apply for financing directly through our website. You will need to include some basic information, including your name, where you live, what type of improvement you are looking to have done, how much the job is quoted for, and how much of a down payment you will provide. From there, the financial company will determine if financing is an option for you. 

You can fill out our online form, email us, or call us at (203) 948-6475. We are available from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM and will return your call if you contact us after hours. You can also find and message us on social media. We are ready to serve you and look forward to hearing from you!

Commercial Roofing

We offer many commercial roofing services, including EPDM (rubber) roofing, TPO (PVC product) roofing, metal standing seam roofing, and corrugated metal roofing. When you contact us for commercial roofing services, we will conduct an in-depth inspection to determine the best approach. From there, we will help you decide which type of commercial roof you should choose and why. 

Yes! There are many reasons a commercial building may have a leaky roof, and it shouldn’t be neglected. A leaky roof can be caused by seals or flashings that have failed or been damaged, pooling water on the roof, or a poor drainage system. If you notice you have a leaky roof, contact us immediately! We will inspect your roof, find the source of the leak, and devise a plan to fix it!

A manufacturer warranty will cover the product itself, so we offer a mechanical warranty to cover issues related to our installation. This may include nailing issues, installation defects, or any other issue related to roof installation. If you notice a defect with the product itself or the installation process, contact us, and we will resolve it!

Absolutely! During our full roof inspection, we will determine if you need a new roof or if we can repair the damaged areas. For example, you may have a few missing shingles while the remainder of the roof is in good shape. We will replace the shingles and reinforce the remaining roof to ensure it will last many years. We won’t suggest a full roof replacement on a roof that is in good shape!

Residential Roofing

We can typically have your new roof on your home in one day! For jobs that are over 2,500 square feet, it may take an additional day. We pride ourselves on making the most of the daylight we’re given by having the roofing job finished in one day. This includes cleaning up and removing all debris from a complete residential roofing job. 

There is a lot of roofing debris that is scattered during removal. Before we get started, we will cover the grounds of your house with a tarp to easily collect all debris. We use the best landscaping tools to make cleaning up easy and effective. We have a magnet tool that will collect all roofing nails, a blower that will collect all the debris into a central location, and a hand tool that gathers and removes the debris. 

No question is too big or too small for us! Some of the most common questions we are asked include how much the job will cost, how long the job will take, and if the job will be cleaned up. We will lay out a detailed plan and keep you informed every step of the way, so there are no surprises. We recommend making a list of questions for you to ask us during our consultation. We will be happy to answer them for you!

Yes! We have familiarized ourselves with the different qualities of roofing materials and how they are beneficial. We offer architectural asphalt shingles, designer asphalt shingles, composite shingles, as well as copper, wood, and metal roofing. You can choose which level you want, or we will be happy to help you choose the right one for you!

Once we have completed a full inspection of your roof and determined that a new roof is required, we will work directly with your insurance company to get your roof replaced. We will make sure the insurance company and adjuster have our inspection report that lists all the defects of the roof and why it needs to be replaced. 

Mold growth is commonly found during a roof inspection because of how quickly it can grow in moist or humid conditions. As soon as we find mold, we will immediately document it in our inspection report and discuss the best options for treatment that fit your timeline and budget. 

Gutter Installation

Absolutely! We are the top-rated gutter service in the greater Brookfield, CT area. Not only can we install new gutters on your home, but we can also clean, drain, and repair existing gutters. For new gutters, we offer the top in-demand gutter products we will install using our state-of-the-art gutter system. Let us know what gutter service you need to help your house drain properly!

We’ll help you! We will explain the difference in the types of gutters and what additional protection you can add to your gutters. Gutters come in different sizes and types. We’ll take a look at your roof to determine which gutter type will be best for the volume of water coming from the roof. We will also recommend a gutter screen if there are trees and other debris that will likely clog the gutters.

Siding Installation

We offer many types of siding, including stucco, composite, wood, and vinyl. Our siding services are top-rated in the Brookfield, CT, area. Once you have chosen the type of siding you want for your house, we will guide you through how to maintain it. If you’re unsure which siding to choose, contact us to book a consultation! We will take a look at your property to help you choose the best siding for you.

Composite siding is a manmade product made from a combination of recycled wood and resins. Composite siding lasts longer than wood or vinyl siding because it is designed with protection against elements, fungi, and insects. Composite siding can come in colors or styles to match your home. The paint or stain on composite siding may need to be touched up every 10 years, but the material can last 30 years or more. 

Composite siding is hard to beat for the Connecticut and New York climate! Composite siding is weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about cold rain or snow penetrating the exterior layer of your home. Fiber cement siding is another great option because it is durable and low maintenance. We recommend either of these options for your Brookefield, CT area home!

Window Installation

Yes! We offer many window installation services to meet your needs. If you are replacing windows to keep up with the latest trends or simply trying to reduce energy costs, we’ve got you covered! Let us know what you have in mind, and we will replace your old windows with the new ones of your choice. Contact us with all your window installation needs!

The average cost of installing a single window is between $450 and $950 per window. This includes the cost of the window plus the labor that goes into the installation process. If you need windows installed in your home, contact us, and we will prepare a quote to help you determine just how much it will cost to install new windows in your home!

Windows that are more than 20 years old should be replaced. You may lose heat or air conditioning through drafts of these old windows, causing you to use more energy and spend more on energy costs. Windows can be expensive, but the more windows you purchase to have installed, the better price you can get. Contact us today to get a quote for us to replace all of your old windows! 

Windows that are 20 years old or more should be replaced. Window technology has changed and become more energy efficient. Older windows, especially pane glass windows, aren’t energy efficient. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient windows will keep your house better climate controlled and will help save on energy bills. 

There are signs you should look for when determining if it’s time to replace your windows. They include any of the following:

  • Windows that won’t open or stick when trying to open them 
  • If your house gets hot in the summer
  • If you can hear noise outside
  • When renovating your house 
  • If they’ve become hard to maintain
  • When you’re ready to sell your home

Windows are now designed with the latest insulation technology and design to help keep your house climate controlled. When the sun shines directly onto the windows, they should not cause the temperature inside your house to go up. Overall, you should see a savings of 12% or more on your energy bill after replacing the old windows in your house. 

Definitely! Our goal is to do the job we promised in the time we promised, but we know that questions may come up during the process! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions during the process. You can call us at (203) 948-6475 or email us anytime! We will answer your questions as soon as possible.